Live like a royal in Tollygunge

Live like a royal in Tollygunge

One of the most treasured assets that we wait to own is our home. When it comes to finding our dream home, our expectations are limitless. For some it has to be in the heart of the city, some take fancy in the peaceful suburbs, some look for homes with an abundance of amenities while others yearn for that quintessential ethnic soul!

What if all these pleasures converge to a single property! What if your home transports you to the royal way of living amidst the finest luxuries! What if you finally find your perfect retreat tucked away from the chaos while remaining at the heartbeat of the city!

It would be wonderful right? Inspired by the residences of Indian royalty, Morya is home to world-class luxuries underlined with traditional ‘look and feel’.

Let’s delve deeper and explore what makes Morya the ultimate residence for the modern-day maharajas.

  1. A homeland, not a home- As you enter Morya, you are mesmerized by its magnificent tall gates and batches of fountains. It is nothing like you had ever imagined in terms of scale and grandeur. Even at the heart of Tollygunge, you find yourself in a world of calmness.
  2. Peacock theme- Taking peacock ‘the symbol of royalty’ as it’s central theme, Morya presents the rare zest for living.
  3. Rich shades of Turquoise- True to it’s regal undertones, Morya looks stunning in turquoise- a shade handpicked to match it’s regal resplendence.
  4. Lush carpets of Green- As you go deeper into Morya, your eyes soothe on the countless shades of greens. The trees forming canopies, the grass carpets, the undulating landscapes are every bit royal.
  5. Feel Infinite at the pool- Claiming the center stage, the infinity pool at Morya looks glorious! Elaborate in rich turquoise, this 40m meter wonder is certainly the show stopper of this regal galore.
  6. Aqua-licious- Reminiscent of the royal lakes, Morya has expansive waterbodies bordered with carefully marked trails. With swans swimming with the fishes, it ripples with a rare harmony of Nature and culture.
  7. For Mighty celebrations- If there is one thing that’s outright imperial, it is the larger than life celebrations. Taking a cue from the royals, the banquet at Morya stands tall with the most intricate décor.
  8. For a moment of reflection-Morya has a beautiful library, masterfully wrapped in gold and turquoise. A perfect retreat to catch up with your thoughts.
  9. The stunning view- Imagine waking up to the rolling greens of the Tolly golf course every day!
  10. At the heart of convenience- The biggest luxury lies in the location of this property. Minutes away from the swankiest mall in Kolkata, Morya rises right on the BL Saha road midway between New Alipore and Tollygunge. With schools, hospitals, lifestyle stores, restaurants, nearby it shines as the ultimate residential indulgence of the city.
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